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Scala InfoChannel Designer 3

Designer 3 allows users to author and schedule professional TV media for virtually any type of display. Publish to InfoChannel Network, CD-ROM, E-mail, stand alone file, HTML, video, or print!

From retail Dynamic Signage to entertainment, education and business communications, InfoChannel Designer gives users more creative control with seamless integration of text, graphics, animation, sound, and video. Content is distributed to remote players using Network Manager 3.

Improvements over IC200 include:

  • Multiple Level undo/redo
  • Can run in a window
  • Import directly from scanner or camera
  • Spell Check
  • Grid and Layout Guides
  • Software MPEG-2 playback
  • Multiple motion
  • Many more!

Scala IC200

Scala InfoChannel is a multimedia broadcast system that allows users to author and broadcast dynamic multimedia content to employees, customers or the general public via TV monitors, kiosks, cable channels, or networked PCs. Advertising, news, training and other visual communications can be easily scheduled and updated with InfoChannel's integrated multimedia creation, broadcast and playback system.

IC200 can be expanded to manage larger satellite or multicast-IP based networks with the InfoChannel Broadcast Server. For more information see Scala's web site at http://www.scala.com/

We also can include our DialAlert system that allows alert messages to be activated from just a phone call. See our web site at http://www.dialalert.com/.



DialAlert is the easy way for Scala Designer 3 and Scala IC200 users to display any cable TV announcement with just a phone call. For more information visit our site at http://www.dialalert.com/.


Fiber Products

PFC24 - 24 Port Rack Mount Fiber to RF converter

PFC32 - 32 Port Rack Mount Fiber to RF converter

CC3122 - 24 port Rack Mount 2.1Ghz coax distribution system


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